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Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
. for the second time this year, they have taken the napa area for flood stage. it peaked four hours ago there, but the rivers are still rising a bit in the city of napa, so some flood warnings are still in effect there. more good news. just light rain around the bay area. the heavier rains have moved south to the range east of gilroy some falling around coyote lake, but that's about it. showers will end, we dry out tomorrow. that's what we expect next. so we get a break. we get sun tomorrow. then on chris may, it looks as if -- christmas it looks as if we're going to get more rain, but not too much by any means. tomorrow a little bit of the sunshine. several more major roads impacted tonight by the storm. and the niles canyon road between the road, they closed because of the rock slide. traffic is being detoured at 680. people are advised to avoid the area. now, state road 84 is closed in both directions because of a tree blocking all lanes. and in the santa cruz mountains of highway 17, they were closed for more than two hours, leading up to the mammoth backups, which have been reopened. and
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> yes. >> that was a specific request from our owners in china. >> from napa grapes to california real estate. why china is suddenly buying american. >>> and just in time for christmas, an injured dog rescued by the kindness of strangers. good evening and merry christmas. i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to it. some impressive rainfall totals. paul? >> reporter: more rainfall. another inch of rainfall throughout much of the bay area. here is a four-hour time lapse of what has been going around this evening. maybe you've been hanging out chilling with your family. outside it's been quite the storm. it's been rough out there. here's what's going on right now with a little bit of the break in the north bay and the east bay, which has received a significant amount of rainfall over the past half hour. exiting san jose right now and across the past 20 to 30 minutes. and over the top of hayward and also the oakland hills. the rainfall just from today, christmas, more than an inch for kentfield and another inch, plus a little change. nearly an inch of rainfall for alameda and almost one inc
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >>> another tax you will see go up is the estate tax. >> reporter: jeff page owns 120- acre vineyard in napa valley. but when his great grandfather came here, this was cattle country. >> before the turn of the century they came in and farmed orchard fruit and cattle. >> reporter: but much of the land he grew up on is gone. >> had land in the hills over there? >> yeah. >> had to sell it all. >> yeah. >> for state tacks. >> question. >> reporter: his for died in 1972 when state taxes were 77%. >> it was a big tax bill. half a million dollars, we sold off 150-acres. >> now jeff and his wife mary worry their dream of passing the land onto their two daughters will be ruined by the fiscal cliff. the estate tax would rise. at today's prices, it could be worth 8 million. >> you are wealthy, right? but it's all in the dirt. you know. we are dirt rich, cash poor. >> reporter: for the pages, more than money is at take. they want the land of their past to be part of their future. john blackstone, napa valley. >>> log onto >>> heightened patrols for drunk drivers are getting underway starting
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
day. we are going to see plenty of sunshine. santa rosa 29, napa and fairfield only 30 degrees and slightly warmer in san francisco; over night lows 41. >> mainly in the low 50s as well. it's unseasonably cold for december. tahoe, a great day to head up and hit the slopes. yosemite plenty of sunshine and reading. >> over the next several days. chance of showers is possible into the afternoon in the evening on monday and tuesday plenty of sunshine and by wednesday things look a little unsettled and we could see a chance of rain wednesday afternoon into thursday and mainly north of the golden gate and saturday and sunday we could get warm weather. midnight it going to get cold, 45 degrees. >> thank you. up next the flick that stayed on top of the box office plus as we look back at the people we lost in 2012. ,,,,,,,,,,,, tarantino and "les miz" co't knock "the hobbit" off its x office perch. the fantasy epic was number one for a third weeka row. "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" took >>> even kwint tarrantino, the hobbit took in almost $33 million. jiang oh and change and music
Dec 24, 2012 10:00pm PST
, it is that the duty officer, they chose to come on in on christmas eve. as he drove in from napa to san francisco. and he says that he did it to help a few people out. in the newsroom, grace lee, cbs 5. >>> well tonight, some people, they are finding that the campaign to pro-- that it can pay to procrastinate. they are reaching the bounty of bargains. they said that they have a million reasons why they waited. >> reporter: twas the night before christmas and all through the store, a slew of last-minute shoppers with the excuses galore. >> and i have been working a lot. >> this year it snuck right up on me. >> reporter: the customers were fighting over toys in the aisle. >> they took that toy out of my basket. >> reporter: and it was all picked over to this child. >> and there is nothing in here. everything is gone! you know, like my little ponies that i want to get are not even around. >> reporter: the registers rang, and the santa hat sang. but at the stroke of 10, it all came to an end as shops closed, leaving only one place to spend. >> because it is christmas eve and you know what that means.
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
's overnight low 44. in san jose, 36 degrees. mid50s for everybody tomorrow. 51 at napa. extended forecast. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. the temperatures will follow suit. mid50s for the most part. just a little dose of showers possibly coming in late in the day tomorrow. it may not even happen. and it won't amount to much. by saturday afternoon we'll clear it off. look at the rest of the week. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we've dried out and we'll get sunshine. there's your forecast. i know sports is ahead. we'll do that after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> an l.a. area pet is reunited with its owner after being dog napped and held for ran some many. they got out of their owners home yesterday through an open gate. a neighbor was able to grab the german shepherd. >> my dog was out in the yard and someone snatched him. a car came by, a white car and before we could get to him the guy grabbed him and took off. >> about 10 minutes later she got a call from a blocked number. it was a man demanding money for the pom rainian. the next day he turned up at a nearby petco. employees s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6